DCA 2023 Results

Mark Levin

Skeletal Editing: Enabling Synthesis that Matches Design

His project's vision is that molecular designers will be better able to synthesize new functional molecules directly, preferably avoiding dead ends. This would give the world substances with properties that are perfectly suited to specific roles, which is especially important for modern medicinal chemistry.

University of Chicago, IL


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DCA 202

Aisha Bismillah

Noncovalent Control of ‘Shapeshifting’ Molecules

University of York

United Kingdom

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Moran Frenkel-Pinter

Emergence of Primordial Peptide Replicators

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


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Francesca Grisoni

Revolutionizing AI for Molecule Discovery with Artificial Chemical Intuition

Eindhoven University of Technology


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Barak Hirshberg

A Computational Molecular Sculptor

Tel Aviv University


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