DCA 2022 Results

Carl Brozek

Capturing Energy with Controllable Chaos

The winning project proposes the innovative idea of taking a closer look at the wasted energy lost daily. In the concept, controlling the entropy of molecules would provide a new tool for capturing waste energy released in the environment.

University of Oregon, OR


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DCA 202

Ahmed Badran

Chemical Reprogramming of Biological CO2 Capture to Reverse Climate Change

The Scripps Research Institute, CA


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Claudia Contini

Biohybrid Robotics: The Potential of Artificial Cells

Imperial College London

United Kingdom

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Liang Feng

Active Artificial Molecular Factories

Northwestern University, IL


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Ghislaine Vantomme

Supramolecular Materials for the Next Computing Paradigm

Eindhoven University of Technology


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