How to participate in 2023

The Dream Chemistry Award competition is open to young chemists who meet the eligibility criteria and are nominated by senior colleagues and respected experts in their field.

How to nominate

Nominators must hold a PhD and have at least ten years of experience since publication of their first scientific paper.

Nominations must contain basic information about the candidate and a brief recommendation.

In 2023, the nominations should be submitted electronically via this form no later than June 30.

How to apply

Nominees must have a PhD awarded in 2016 or later and must not be employed by IChF-PAN or IOCB Prague. Eligible candidates will be invited to submit applications.

Applications consist of the candidate’s structured CV, including a list of publications and the scientific project/idea (max. 4 pages), both in English. The candidate’s dream project must be in chemistry or a chemistry-related discipline.

The ideas in projects submitted to the competition should address major or global challenges but are not required to have high immediate implementation potential. Candidates are encouraged to present novel strategies and unique approaches to solving the problem, as these are viewed favorably during the evaluation process.

In 2023, the applications should be submitted electronically via this form no later than August 31.


In early October, the DCA Scientific Committee will shortlist five finalists, who will be invited to participate in the final and present their projects in person to the Scientific Committee, which will select a DCA Laureate.


Final presentations will take place in Prague on December 4–5. All participation expenses will be covered by the competition’s organizers.

The DCA Laureate will be awarded a Dream Chemistry Award trophy and a cash prize of €10,000.

The other finalists receive a Dream Chemistry Top 5 Prize and a cash prize of €1,000.

For details, please see competition Terms and Conditions 2023.